2019 Mochitsuki Portland Food Demonstration

We have the schedule for 2019 Mochitsuki Food Demonstration.

Seven local businesses and experts will present intriguing Japanese, Japanese-American and Asian food demonstration at 2019 Mochitsuki Portland.

  • Chi chi dango – Connie Masuoka
  • Miso (fermented bean paste) – Earnest & Yuri Migaki from Jorinji Miso (Soy Beam Jozo LLC)
  • Cooking with Mazzy – A’misa, Alex and Mazzy Chiu
  • Wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets) – Gena Renaud of Yume Confections
  • Tea – Yukiko Zisa of Hiwa Tea
  • Onigiri (rice balls) andOnigirazu (rice sandwiches) – Yuri Baxter-Neal of LIFE sampling
  • Organic Ramen (wheat noodles) – Lola Milholland of Umi Organic



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