Food Demos and Food Vendors

Japanese Food Demonstrations


The new program for 2020 is coming soon!

Here are the last year’s food demonstrations:

Chi chi dango – Connie Masuoka

Chi Chi Dango is a lightly sweetened first cousin to mochi, served as a dessert or snack. It is often enjoyed on Japanese holidays that celebrate children, such as Children’s Day, however, the dessert is versatile, vegan and gluten free, and is a hit at parties and potlucks.

Miso (fermented bean paste) – Earnest & Yuri Migaki from Jorinji Miso (Soy Beam Jozo LLC)

Jorinji Miso is hand-crafted artisan miso using a 1300 year old recipe from Japan. Learn miso’s basic profile, taste differently aged miso, make your own miso and take a first step towards your hand-crafted miso life!

Cooking with Mazzy – A’misa, Alex and Mazzy Chiu

Meet the family that creates the YouTube sensation, The Mazzy Show! You will see an episode and kids will have a chance to make a special snack.

Wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets) – Gena Renaud of Yume Confections

Yume Confections creates handcrafted seasonal sweets that are featured at Umami Café in the Japanese Garden. Learn about the history, ingredients of wagashi, and try your hand at making this swee treat.

Tea – Yukiko Zisa of Hiwa Tea

The unique Japanese process of producing “sencha” tea was developed over 300 years ago. Come and sample this flavorful wild grown tea, and take away tips for brewing a delicious cup of tea at home.

Onigiri (rice balls) and Onigirazu (rice sandwiches) – Yuri Baxter-Neal of LIFE sampling

Onigiri (also called musubi) are the ultimate Japanese comfort food – simple to make and infinitely variable with your favorite ingredients. Learn the tips to make this much-loved lunch or snack and try making one yourself!

Organic Ramen (wheat noodles) – Lola Milholland of Umi Organic

Learn to make a simple and tasty dish like turmeric noodles to add a riot of color and flavor to your day! Portland-made Umi organic ramen noodles are available at farmer’s markets and grocery stores.

Children’s “Bento” Making Class

  • Limited seatings available. First come, first served.
  • Sign up at the day of the event in front of the classroom (Room#136 on the 1st floor).


2019 Food Vendors

In alphabetical order:

by Chef Naoko

New Year’s theme Bento box and beverages.

by Kalè

Japanese style curry & rice with choice of beef, chicken, or vegetable.

by Mio’s Delectables

Tarts, Scones, Roll Cakes, Shortbread Cookies, Puddings, Coffee.

by Nichiren Buddhist Temple

Chicken & Tofu Bento, Sushi, Mochi Desserts, Water, Drinks.

by Obon

Korokke (Japanese style potato croquettes), Grilled “Onigiri” (Rice balls), Salad, Umi Organic Ramen, Kenchinjiru (soup).

by Oregon Buddhist Temple

“Onigiri” Rice balls.

by Oyatsupan Bakers

Japanese style pastries: Curry filled Doughnut, Tonkatsu Sandwich, Croissant,  An, Melon, Chocolate Chip, Matcha filled/flavored.

by Sakurakai

Cotton Candy.

To see the full list of 2019 Exhibitors, please check “Exhibitors” page.