Food Demos and Food Vendors

Japanese Food Demonstrations

2020 Food Demonstration

See and learn about Japanese & Japanese-American Food. Enjoy educational and entertaining demonstrations by local businesses and individuals.

This year’s food demonstrations include an iconic fixture of traditional Japanese food in Portland, since 1911, Ota Tofu, and it’s owner Jason Ogata.

Local Wagashi/traditional Japanese pastry master, Gena Renaud of Yume Confections, will demonstrate the art and beauty of Wagashi.

How about Sushi? Do you really know how Sushi is made? Danny Chan of Sumo Sushi will prepare and show how different types of Sushi are made.

Let’s not forget about the unique fusion of American and Japanese culture and tradition of the last 152 years since the start of Japanese-American immigration.  Sansei (third generation) Japanese-American Connie Masuoka demonstrates what and how a unique fusion food called “Musubi” is made in Hawaii.

Trying to eat healthy? Food and travel blogger & photographer Kathleen Phipps who lived in Japan, will teach how Japanese easily prepare and incorporate large amounts of vegetables into everyday meals.

Green tea is very popular now, but do you really know about it? Yukiko Zisa of Hiwa Tea will explain about the art of preparing delicious “Sencha” green tea.

The popularity of ramen restaurants is growing in Portland. But, do you really know what and how ramen noodles are made? Lola Milholland of Umi Organic will explain about how ramen noodles are made.

Come to room 128 and learn about Japanese food, perhaps, taste some of them too.


11:10am    Nostalgic Japanese-American Food – Connie Masuoka

11:45am    Do you really know what Sushi is? – Danny Chan of Sumo Sushi

12:30pm    What is Tofu and how it’s made – Jason Ogata of Ota Tofu 

1:15pm    “Wagashi” Traditional Japanese sweets – Gena Renaud of Yume Confections

2:00pm     A Perfect cup of Green Tea – Yukiko Vossen of Hiwa Tea

2:45pm     How Ramen noodles are made.- Lola Milholland of Umi Organic

3:30pm    How Japanese eat tons of vegetables deliciously – Kathleen Phipps  

Children’s “Bento” Making Class

  • Limited seatings available. First come, first served.
  • Sign up at the day of the event in front of the classroom (Room#136 on the 1st floor).


2020 Food Vendors

In alphabetical order:

Chef Naoko Corporation New Year Bento & Beverages
Hook & Line Sushi Sushi hand rolls, press box Sushi, poke Salad, octopus and seaweed Salad, Miso soup, Kabocha squash sweet bars, sparkling water, Ramune.
Japanese International Baptist Church (JIBC) Curry Rice
Mio’s Delectables Tarts, Scones, Roll Cakes, Shortbread Cookies, Puddings, Coffee
Mizuba Tea Various Japanese Green Tea
Nichiren Buddhist Temple Chicken & Tofu Bento, Sushi, Mochi Desserts, Water, Drinks
Obon Korokke, Broiled Onigiri, Salad, Umi Organic Ramen, Kenchinjiru
Oregon Buddhist Temple (OBT) Onigiri set
Oyatsupan Bakers Kare Donut, Tonkatsu Sandwich, Croissant, Pan: An, Melon, Chocolate Chip Melon, Matcha
Sakura Kai Cotton Candy

To see the full list of 2020 Exhibitors, please check “Exhibitors” page.