About Mochitsuki Portland

What is Mochi and Mochitsuki?

Mochitsuki is Portland’s annual Japanese New Year celebration and has been a premier event in the local community since 1996.

Mochitsuki Portland is a community volunteer-run non-profit event.

The goal of Mochitsuki is to celebrate tradition by sharing Japanese and Japanese American culture.

2019 event attracted more than 3,000 people, not just Japanese Americans, but from every walk of life shared and enjoyed the event.

We hope to reach even more people through our online 2021 event!

Tune in online for our celebration of culture, food, and the arts!

Come and join the fun and educational event for the whole family!

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2021 Mochitsuki Portland Volunteer Organizers & contributors

Name listed in alphabetical order:

Charles Blanke
Lexy Burris
Lynn Fuchigami Parks
Allegra Herdklotz-Yasutake
Koichi Kim
Wynn Kiyama
Traci Yokoyama Kiyama
Chip Larouche
Chris Lee
Connie Masuoka
Katherine Morrow
Kendall Schelffo
Dan Snyder
Jillian Toda-Currie
Lisa Uzunoe
Suwako Watanabe