Oregon Nikkei Endowment


The mission of Oregon Nikkei Endowment is to preserve and honor the history and culture of the Japanese Americans in the Northwest, to educate the public about the Japanese American experience during World War II, and to advocate for the protection of civil rights for all. O.N.E. has built two projects in Portland, Oregon: a memorial to internment and the Bill of Rights called the Japanese American Historical Plaza in Tom McCall Waterfront Park. The second project is a history and culture museum called the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center in Old Town.

ONE was one of the founders of Mochitsuki. June Schumann was the executive director and with Portland Taiko helped to bring this event to life. I feel we have been heavily involved from the beginning and that this dedication has not changed. We have improved the event over the years with the help of the entire committee.

This is the only event that the entire JA community participates in and it is a wonderful event to expose others outside of our community to the Japanese culture. It is one of those events that we hope children will grow up remembering and want to bring their kids to in the future. Passing down great traditions.