Food and Activities

Activities and Vendors as of 01.14.17
2017 Mochitsuki Food Demonstrations
Consular Office of Japan in Portland
Daizu Kitchen – Children’s bento class (ages 6 and up). Please sign up on day of event. Class sizes are limited.
Ikebana International – Ikebana displays
Ikoi no Kai (Japanese Ancestral Society of Portland) – Greeting card sales
Japan America Society of Oregon – JASO
Japanese Women Portland (JWPDX) – New Year’s card crafting, Japanese hair accessories, handmade dolls, dog accessories, leather crafting
JETAA – Suikawari watermelon bashing (with beach ball and pool noodles)
Karen Fullerton Art – Sumi-e demo, greeting card sales
Kumoricon – Cat ear hat construction, kumoricon merchandise and registration
Lynn Geis Cultural Display – New Year and zodiac toy display
Memumori – Prints, posters, origami, bookmarks, buttons, comics and stickers
Obukan Kendo Club – Kendo demonstration – sword fighting martial arts,
wooden sword (bokken) sales
Oregon Nikkei Endowment – Ramune sales, coloring activity
Oya No Kai – Origami New Year wishes
Portland Go Club – Japanese Chess instruction
Portland Japanese American Citizens League – JACL
Portland Japanese Garden
– Sand & Stone garden
Portland Nikkei Fujinkai – Tea ceremony
Portland-Sapporo Sister Assn. – Chopsticks game, fukubukuro (mystery fortune bag)
Portland Taiko – Taiko drum video game
Sekko-kai Calligraphy School – Calligraphy activity and demonstration
Shokookai of Portland (Japanese Business Association of Portland) – Exhibit with hands-on demo of traditional toys; kendama, karuta, origami
The International School – Fukuwarai (make-a-face game), origami, little shogi game
Wild Chiharu’s Flowers – Ikebana activity

First Floor – Dining Room & “Food Court” as of 01.14.17
Kalé – Kalé rice with beef, chicken or vegetables, sodas
Konko Church of Portland – Free mochi samples! Pan fried mochi – anko, shoyu & nori, fresh coated with kinako and plain mochi sales
Mio’s Delectables – Assorted shortbread cookies, baked tarts, biscotti, green tea cheesecake, green tea macaroons, Mochitsuki Festival pastry box
Nichirin Buddhist Church – Chicken bento, tofu bento, sushi, mochi desserts, spring rolls, sesame balls,  water, soda,
Obon PDX – Croquettes, ginger miso stew, onigiri, udon
Oyatsupan Bakers – Traditional Japanese and Western baked goods – shokupan, kare donut, custard cream pan, tonkatsu tea sandwich, sausage roll
Sakurakai – Cotton candy sales