Performer and Vendor Applications

As summer turns to fall it also means that the Mochitsuki planning committee begins preparations for next years celebration. If you are interested in performing on stage or would like to have a food/retail booth, we are currently accepting applications for both.

This year we are trying to be more transparent with our selection process. If it were possible, we would accept every application. However due to space and time constraints we likely will not be able to accommodate everybody. Each application is reviewed by a panel and compared against other applications. We strive to keep a balance of the types of food and activities available so that our guests get a truly unique experience.

The committee is always looking for new groups and organization to help us keep things fresh while bringing together the community. Please pass this on to your friends, family, and acquaintances that may be interested.

Please contact us if you have recommendations on new foods, activities, or performers you would like to see at Mochitsuki 2014. Thanks for your help!

Food/Retail Vendors:
Mochitsuki2014_Retail Vendors Application Packet
Deadline is Monday, November 4th

Deadline is Sunday, December 1st

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Opening for Coordinator’s Assistant

Hello Friends!

I know that it has been a while since our last post and we don’t use the mochi blog much, but we want to spread the word that Mochitsuki is looking for an assistant coordinator for next year’s event. Please see the PDF below for a description of the position. We are starting the planning process eaerlier than in the past and want to get this person up to speed as soon as possible. Initially the assistant will shadow Malia, the Mochitsuki Coordinator, but will take on progressively more responsibility as we get closer to Mochitsuki and will be the main contact onsite at the event. A $500 stipend will be awarded for this position. Please share with friends or family that may be interested. The priority date to receive resumes is Monday, September 30th. Email resumes to both lisauzunoe[at]hotmail[dot]com and malia[at]eightbridgesdesign[dot]com.

2014 Mochitsuki Coordinator’s Assistant Job Description

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Mitsuki Dazai

I hope that everybody is excited for Mochitsuki tomorrow! I know I am. Mitsuki Dazai, who is playing on our stage at 1:30pm, is having a concert next Friday. This is a great opportunity to see her perform a full set of songs compared to the short time she will be on stage at Mochitsuki. See the poster below or visit the tickets webpage for more information,

See you tomorrow!

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Welcome to our new mochi blog!

Mmmmm, looks so good

Welcome to the mochi blog! We will be adding mochi recipes and creative mochi ideas leading up to Mochitsuki this year. If you have any recipes or mochi creations you would like to share, let us know!

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